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33 Onslow Street, Geraldton WA

Geraldton Institute Inc

The Geraldton Universities Centre is an incorporated, not for profit organisation under the banner of the Geraldton Institute Inc. Members of the Geraldton Institute Inc include representatives from key community, industry and government agencies, all dedicated to the advancement of tertiary education in the Mid West region.

The objectives of the Geraldton Institute Inc as outlined under its constitution are to facilitate, deliver, promote and provide access to university education including:

  • To serve as the primary point of contact for the delivery of university education in the Mid West and other regional areas of WA.
  • To collaborate with other parties (i) for the supported delivery of regional university education and (ii) in the best interests of regional students.
  • To facilitate and promote education and career pathways between schools, vocational education and training providers, universities and industry.
  • To coordinate and support research and partnerships, especially those which assist in the sustainable development of the region.
  • To advocate in the best interests of regional students.
  • To promote and assist lifelong learning and raise community aspirations.
  • To collect public donations to support the Association’s offerings and learning experiences of students.

Geraldton Institute Board Members are elected from the GII membership.