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Australia Higher Education Heads of Campus Forum

The Australian Higher Education Heads of Campus Forum (AHEHCF) is an independent grouping of campus heads and business managers with the goal of facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practice pertaining to the governance and management of higher education campuses across the range of university and other higher education structures within the Australian higher education sector.

The experiences of leading and managing higher education campuses in multi-campus higher education  structures can be wide and varied. They are highly influenced by factors such as the internal management structures, processes and philosophies of their parent organisation; whether the campus academic portfolio is comprehensive or specialist; their geographical separation from other campuses, particularly their parent; the presence or otherwise of competition; the demographics of their community; their role within an overall higher education strategy; levels of community engagement and their potential for growth. Despite the wealth of experiences and the learning that has occurred over time, the development and dissemination of a body of knowledge to assist those responsible for designing campus governance and management arrangements, and applying these at a campus level, has been sadly lacking. To overcome this the Australian Universities Heads of Campus Forum (AUHCF) was formed in 2012 with the aim of facilitating the exchange, of ideas and best practice pertaining to the governance and management of satellite university  campuses across the range of university structures within Australian universities, and to disseminate this to the wider university  sector.

In 2014, the AUHCF was renamed to the AHEHCF to allow its membership to be expanded to include the heads of campus and business managers of all campuses that delivered AQF Level 7 programs (undergraduate) and above.  This was designed to reflect the increasing diversity of multi-campus and multi-institution operations, and includes university centres, private institutions, degree awarding TAFEs, and Australian campuses of international institutions.

The motto of the AHEHCF is ‘looking upwards, outwards, and inwards’, reflecting the three main interest areas of the Forum, being governance and management, community engagement, and the campus experience. 

The Forum has two forms of membership. Current and past heads of campus and campus business managers are entitled to be full members with associate membership open to individuals who are deemed to be aligned to helping the AHECHF achieve its aims. A Charter for the AHEHCF has been developed and provides further details on the aims, objectives and operation of the Forum.

If you are a head of campus or business manager, or are at a corporate level and responsible for determining campus governance and management arrangements, or are just interested in the topic and its complexities, please feel free to utilise the resources on this website and engage with the Forum. The Forum’s members are committed to optimising the operations of all campuses through disseminating the lessons we have all learnt, good and bad, and the best practices we have witnessed.


Graham Young, Chair