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Pilbara Universities Centre

Momentum is building for a Pilbara Universities Centre in the GUC model!

Some exciting developments have occurred in 2017:

  • The Federal Government has included $15million to help establish regional university hubs in the Higher Education Reform Package, citing both the Geraldton model and the Pilbara feasibility study while doing so.
  • The Pilbara is therefore well placed to attract some of this funding.
  • The GUC Board at its June meeting has committed to drive a Pilbara Universities Centre provided there is the community support to do so.
  • CQUniversity, GUC’s largest partner, remains committed to partnering with GUC on any Pilbara Universities Centre development.
  • At recent stakeholder meetings in Karratha it was agreed that a PUC Advisory Committee be formed to progress a PUC.

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Expressions of interest for the committee were opened in August. After GUC Board deliberations in consultation with the City of Karratha, who are supporting the PUC Advisory Committee a nine-member Pilbara Universities Centre (PUC) Advisory Committee has been established.

The nine member PUC Advisory Committee includes: Peter Long (Mayor), Frank Ye (Chartered Accountant, KPMG), Jennifer McMahon (Principal Karratha Senior High School), Kylah Morrison (Maverick Effect / KDCCI President), Neil Darby (Pilbara Regional Executive Director, Department of Education), Sharyn Larsen (HR Manager, Yara Pilbara), Camille Barton (Lead HSE Advisor), Jan Ford (Port Hedland Community Progress Association), and, Monica Moran (OT, Associate Professor, WA Centre Rural Health).

Potential Students:

Find out how you could be supported in university study academically, pastorally and administratively in Karratha. Express your interest in your courses(s) of interest. Complete the University in the Pilbara survey here.

Potential Tutors:

If you have a Bachelor degree, 5 years recent, relevant experience and/or post graduate qualifications, and are available to provide 2 hours a week to help develop the next generation of professionals, we want to hear from you. Contact us here.

As we look at a potential mid 2018 or early 2019 start (depending on attracting funding support) join the PUC Facebook group page so that you can keep up to date as well as get involved in discussions and sharing ideas.

  1. Pilbara Universities Centre Facebook Group

This group page is for all Pilbara people interested in supporting or participating in a PUC. This includes;

  • Potential Students
  • Potential Tutors
  • Industry and Business
  • Stakeholders
  • Community
  • Donors

Get on board and contribute to the discussion, express your interest and share ideas and stories. Join the group here.

What is the GUC model?

In addition to providing administration, student and pastoral support, this unique university model allows regional students the flexibility of studying online whilst being supported with face-to-face tutorials from highly dedicated, qualified and experienced local professionals.

Students are exposed to local industry networks within their professional fields from their first year of study through to their graduation and beyond. Graduates not only become highly skilled but highly valued as potential employees in local industries, building local community capacity and keeping some of the finest and brightest graduates in their region.

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For further enquires please contact brendanp@guc.edu.au