33 Onslow Street, Geraldton WA

Current Students

As a GUC student, you are part of our GUC community. We value community, partnerships, aspiration, equity and excellence as reflected in our  Student Charter.

The GUC provides the following services to support you during your studies:

  • Enrolment and administrative support
  • Academic Support
  • Student amenities, including 24/7 study hall
  • IT support, library, orientation and graduations

For information on how to access these services please see below.

For a comprehensive guide to GUC student services, facilities and emergency management information please see the  Orientation Booklet.

Timetables – Semester Two 2021 

Please note: Timetables are subject to change

Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP)




Business and Accounting


Social Work

Pastoral support is provided by the GUC’s Student Services Officer Tiambra Calvin.  Tiambra can help you to navigate your way through your studies and provide assistance and advice to support  you with the following:

  • Counselling – to assist students with any issues which impact negatively on their studies.
  • Accessibility -to support students with a physical or learning disability or a medical issue that will impact on their studies.
  • Mentoring – to help new students settle in to their first semester of study.
  • Student Advocacy – for students who seek guidance on grievances, appeals and disputes.
  • Health and Welfare
  • Financial Assistance – how to find and access financial assistance and scholarship information.
  • Aboriginal Student Support

To book an appointment with Tiambra please call 9920 4409 or via email

Telephone: 1300 226 987
Text: 0480 097 747

Each GUC supported course has an administrative support person to assist you with applying for a course, acceptance and enrolment in your new course, study plan advice to guide you through your studies, orientation, graduation and everything in-between!
Please see below for the admin support person for your course:

Education (ECE, Primary and Masters of Teaching)
Tamarra Haynes – tamarah@guc.edu.au

Nursing, Social Work and Psychology
Mechele Carvell – mechelec@guc.edu.au

STEPS Bridging, Business and Accounting
Tiambra Calvin – tiambrac@guc.edu.au

Agribusiness and Engineering
Natasha Colliver – natashac@guc.edu.au

In addition to any scheduled weekly tutorials, GUC provides general academic support.  GUC’s Academic Learning Centre provides students with a range of supports in academic communication, including assistance with a variety of styles for academic assignment writing, referencing, note taking and paraphrasing.  You can email ALCsupport@guc.edu.au with a quick question or to schedule a meeting for more extensive support.

The ALC also offers a range of workshops throughout the year.  Please click here for the 2021 Orientation workshop schedule.  To book a workshop, please do so via the 2021 Orientation tab.

Don’t forget to check your university’s websites for a range of great academic support tools too!

Orientation Days for Semester One 2021
USQ Nursing – Friday 19 February
All CQU Courses – Wednesday 3rd March

To view Orientation Schedules and register for workshops, please click here.

GUC orientation days and activities are designed so that you can meet your fellow students, become familiar with your new study surrounds and prepare you academically for the year ahead. Orientation includes:

  • Tour of GUC facilities.
  • Introduction to GUC, policies & procedures, roles & responsibilities.
  • Digital photos for student cards.
  • Local scholarship information.
  • Networking opportunities for students.
  • Specific introduction to delivering university website and course information.
  • Academic workshops on online platforms, academic writing, critical reading, referencing, library use, using Word and more.
  • Health and well being sessions.

The 2021 Orientation Booklet can be found here.

GUC’s new study hall offers students a relaxed and vibrant space to meet and study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including:

  • Student printer and photocopier
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Student Lockers
  • Standing and sitting desks
  • Flexible booths for group study
  • Bean bags and lounges
  • Recharge points
  • Wireless internet throughout
  • Aboriginal studies space

Feeling peckish?  Central Regional TAFE has a student cafe only a short walk down the path to the TAFE campus.

Please see the ‘HOW TO’ guide for the 24 hour study space

Student Photocopier and Printer

Access to the GUC student printer is via your GUC student card.  Access is not free, and you will need to load credit onto your card.  Please see reception to do this.

Please see the guides for the student printer and photocopier below

First time using the Photocopier

Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning

How to set up printing on your own device  – for instructions, click on your device type or scan the QRcode



GUC also offers students

  • Student lounge in Building A with kitchen facilities
  • Closed reserve library
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Magnificent ocean views!

Come and see for yourself.  You’re always welcome to visit.

The GUC has plenty of spaces for you to find a place to study, including the library, student lounge, and the 24/7 study hall.

Use of classrooms during business hours can be arranged by checking room availability with GUC reception staff.

After Hours GROUP study sessions
B6 (located in the 24/7 study hall) is available after hours by bookings only for GROUP study sessions.  To book B6 please email reception@guc.edu.au

Please note that B6 is not available between 5:00-7:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Semester One.

All GUC students have full access to the online libraries of the university partner they are studying with.
In Addition, GUC operates a small closed reserve library so that all texts prescribed for the units we support are available. Students are also able to access the Central Regional TAFE library.

Text books from the GUC Library must be signed out with GUC reception staff.

Please click on the links below to see the  Course Specific unit text books held in the GUC Library.


Congratulations!!  You are Graduating…

GUC Graduation Ceremony will be held on Thursday 29 April 2021.  It is an early evening event, and we will confirm the venue closer to the date.

Details for the Geraldton Ceremony will be emailed directly to graduating students in the lead up to the Graduation Ceremony.

Tamarra Haynes is our graduations contact – tamarrah@guc.edu.au

As a GUC student, there are a number of things that you need to do to make sure that you are prepared for graduation.   Please read the information below.  IT’s IMPORTANT!

First step is to fill in this form to order your regalia-Regalia Order Form 2021.
By doing so, you are confirming that you will be attending the GUC Graduation ceremony.

Please return completed Regalia Order Forms to Tamarra Haynes, tamarrah@guc.edu.au by Friday, 12 February 2021.

USQ and CQU Graduands attending the GUC Graduation Ceremony still need to follow the graduation procedure of their respective universities. It is important to note that the ‘GUC Graduation Ceremony’ is not listed on either University website.

USQ Graduands
Please follow the instructions on the USQ STEPS TO GRADUATING 

USQ Students who are attending the GUC Graduation Ceremony should follow Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6

Once you have a hard or digital copy of your testamur, please provide to GUC so we can present this to you at the Graduation Ceremony.

CQU Graduands
CQU students attending the GUC Graduation Ceremony,  follow the instructions to access your testamur through My eQuals. 

CQUniversity will certify and upload a digital version of your testamur and academic transcript to My eQuals, a secure online platform. You can then use My eQuals to share these documents with anyone you choose, including employers, universities and other parties.

Once you have a hard or digital copy of your testamur, please provide/share to GUC so we can present this to you at the Graduation Ceremony.

The Geraldton Universities Centre is committed to supporting our community to access higher education.

As such,  make our facilities available for study for eligible external students including the use of 24/7 study hall, wireless internet, use of the student printer, and serving as the Exam Centre for the region.

To register as an external student please fill in this form and lodge with the GUC reception with proof of ID and current enrolment.

There are a number of events that are provided by the GUC and external organisations that may be of interest to students.

To see upcoming events please click on the link below.


Curtin University will run the GET AHEAD: University Assignment Essentials Worshop here at the GUC next Wednesday 24 March.  All GUC students have been invited to attend.  Please register via: bit.ly/3bQUcDR